Tundra product of the month – MCCROMETER V-CONE

July 10, 2020

For July’s Product of the Month feature, we chose the McCrometer V-Cone. The McCrometer V-Cone has been a part of Tundra’s suite of flow measurement solutions for over 15 years now. The V-Cone was Tundra’s first flow metering product and is capable of measuring a variety of fluids (both liquid and gas).

The V-Cone and Wafer Cone technology launched Tundra into the upstream natural gas measurement world quickly, and the V-Cone became an excellent alternative to orifice plates and turbine meters on produced hydrocarbons. For example: a single fabricator ordered hundreds of V-Cones on an annual basis for wellsite measurement packages. The V-Cone offered same or better accuracy, greater turndown, and was compatible with existing flow computers and SCADA equipment. Additionally, use of the V-Cone allowed for construction of packages 3x smaller than conventional orifice meter run technology. As a result, logistical benefits were realized. Multiple packages were shipped on a single flat-deck truck vs. one package per truck using other meters.

The V-Cone was also used extensively on low pressure natural gas production through the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. With some wells producing at pressures as low as 10 psi (E.G. coalbed methane), the V-Cone was quickly adopted as the only option for production metering. The V-Cone’s shape and design ensure more efficient flow measurement and reduce permanent pressure losses commonly associated with other technologies.

Other successes soon followed:

• The unique construction of the V-Cone provides a benefit in steam service commonly found in bituminous heavy oil production. With the ability to handle entrained particulate and liquid better than other flow metering technology, the V-Cone makes for a great alternative in services with potential for liquid-entrained gaseous flow. Thanks to the meter design, there is no liquid “hold up” in a V-Cone.

• V-Cone flow meters ½” to 3” in size were used to replace turbine meters throughout Western Canada. Unlike common turbine flow meters, the V-Cone has no moving parts and is easily combined with robust differential pressure or multivariable transmitters (E.G. ABB 266 differential pressure or multivariable transmitters).

• V-Cone meters as large as 48” replaced competitive meters on water inlet to Northern facilities. The V-Cone is capable of accurate measurement on these large line sizes, but within a much smaller envelope. The V-Cone only requires three diameters upstream and one diameter downstream, making it the ideal choice amongst piping with twists, turns, valves, and expansion loops.

Summary: Gas or liquid flow applications? Consider a V-Cone. The V-Cone can be used on flow metering applications ranging from ½” to 120” in size.

To learn more on the McCrometer V-Cone, visit the Tundra product page here: https://bit.ly/2ZZMly3