Tundra Education Centre: TLV White Paper

November 5, 2018

TLV Corp. manufactures the only steam trap assessment device that provides proven quantitative analysis of a steam system’s health.  The TLV TrapMan Computerized Steam Trap Management System will determine the amount of steam passing through a trap that is leaking, the severity of the leak, and associate a monetary value to the lost steam.  The TrapMan will also identify blocked and low flow traps that may cause a system to back-up condensate (resulting in frozen and broken piping mid-winter).

Tundra’s service department provides TLV TrapMan-based Steam Trap Audit services to facilities looking to improve safety, efficiency, reliability and production.


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The TLV TrapMan provides precision ultrasonic and temperature testing with TLV Diagnostic technology. The TrapManager software that data and analyzes results to assist with meaningful maintenance and preventative maintenance.

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