Tundra Education: Peyto Case Study

August 28, 2018
By Sheldon Ford, Peyto Exploration and Development


The attached case study examines the benefits of operating the Totalflow well pad Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Peyto Exploration and Development in Alberta, Canada has experienced significant savings and natural gas production efficiencies by standardizing well pad designs. The company now has 20 identical well pads located in its Sundance fields about 175 miles west of Edmonton. Each well pad contains two to four wellheads. Horizontal drilling permits consolidating the four wellheads into a single pad.


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An ABB multivariable XMV transmitter connected across an orifice in the gas line measures differential and static pressures, as well as temperature. The RTU, an ABB product called the Totalflow XRCG4, calculates volumetric gas flow using these variables. It contains Totalflow input-output (TFIO) modules to provide analog, digital, and pulse IO, as well as valve interface functions and communication ports, for the entire well pad.


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