Tundra @ CsHm

March 20, 2018

Tundra is at the 2018 CsHm school and is showcasing a variety of products & solutions from ABB, BHGE, McCrometer, MSA/General Monitors & more:

ABB: Compact Class 1 Div 1 natural gas chromatographs, Totalflow production optimizing flow computers, compact coriolis meters, K-TEK magnetic level gauges, Spirit IT Flow computers and Touch-through-glass configured transmitters

BHGE (formerly GE, Panametrics & Druck): Ultrasonic Flare and Process flow meters, the brand new PT900 Portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter, Druck process and electrical calibration equipment, and Druck transducers

MSA & General Monitors: The X5000 and S5000 gas detection lineup, including Bluetooth connectivity, and TruCal to extend calibration times up to 18 months

McCrometer: advanced differential pressure flow measurement via the V-Cone

On Wednesday, Tundra will be joined by Jed Matson, of Baker Hughes, a GE company in the ULTRASONIC FLARE METERING PANEL discussion. Jed is not just an industry metering expert; Jed pioneered ultrasonic flow metering in 1982, and in turn helped to ensure the future of, and accuracy of measurement at thousands of flare meter installations worldwide.

For more information of CsHm visit: https://www.cshm.ca/