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    Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Combustion Control Systems


    Tundra can design or supply Burner Management Systems (BMS) & Combustion Control Systems (CCS) systems with a full complement of safety products. Our safety systems are typically supplied including control cabinets and associated field hardware built and tested in our manufacturing partner factories.

    The Burner Management System is the safety and sequencing system used when firing boilers. The BMS common logic includes fan control, power monitoring, boiler purge, boiler trip, firing permissive and furnace implosion/explosion protection. The fuel portion of the logic includes fuel headers and/or coal distribution systems, ignitor control, burner control and air register control. When required, the BMS also includes the PA duct heaters and fuel lean gas reburn (FLGR) systems. Additional features that are available include automatic fan run-up, automatic startup and shutdown sequencing, and automatic burner start/stop for load varying boilers.

    Standard features include a fully redundant, hardwired Master Fuel Trip circuit in full accordance with the latest NFPA 85 code. First out and "cause of trip" annunciation, alarming, and sequence of events monitoring are also included with each system.

    BMS or CCS systems can be pre-designed and packaged by Cleaver-Brooks or Fossil, and designed specific to your requirements.  Combustion Control Systems are typically standalone (separate from the BMS).

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