October 7, 2020

Welcome to October’s Product(s) of the Month – Panametrics Moisture Measurement Equipment. For decades, Panametrics has been recognized as a world leader in moisture measurement applications. In particular, Panametrics’ Aluminum Oxide sensors like the MIS Probe 2 (MISP 2) have been used to measure trace moisture in process gases and liquids, at sensing ranges as low as parts per billion (ppb) or as high as percentage-level measurement ranges.

Why and where do we measure moisture? Moisture is measured in a variety of industries, and you will commonly find Panametrics probes installed throughout Western Canadian process facilities. A common application is related to the association of moisture with dew point. Process facilities use an abundance of instrument or utility air. This air is used to modulate control valves and on/off valves for safety, product quality, analysis and efficiency. Knowing and controlling the dew point of the air being transmitted throughout a facility to operate these devices is key to preventing condensation and potential freezing (during winter months).

Variables like pressure also influence dew point. For example, if pressure within a gaseous system increases, water vapor pressure also increases, and in turn the dew point increases. Panametrics moisture probes are available with a built-in pressure sensor (for pressures up to 5,000 psi) to help ensure accurate moisture measurement and control regardless of process pressure changes.

As winter approaches, winterization considerations are key, *right now*. Is your facility prepared for the cool months ahead? Are your moisture probes working properly? Are they calibrated? Ice formation can result in catastrophic downtime and these tiny sensors are often overlooked.

Before winter hits, make sure that:

  1. Moisture sensors are installed
  2. Moisture sensors are calibrated
  3. Moisture sensors are calibrated by the manufacturer wherever possible. Learn more about this via Narge Sparages’ (Panametrics) article here.

To learn more about moisture measurement, please visit tundrasolutions.ca, or contact your local Tundra representative. We’re proud to represent Panametrics throughout Western Canada and look forward to helping you ensure product quality, safety, and maximum process up-time.

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