February 24, 2021

Ashlee has been part of the Tundra Team for 9 great years! She’s the epitome of teamwork, is a two-time winner of the Tundra Spirit Award, and her spunky and can-do attitude make if difficult not to feel extreme happiness while in her presence. She’s a real force and we’re grateful for everything she does to deliver WOW to our clients and her teammates each day.

We connected with Ashlee and asked her to answer some personal questions about herself. Here is what we found:

What does your role at Tundra encompass?

I help to execute internal/external WOW with assistance from the exceptional Gabbi W. We manage the Client Connection requests for the entire company; this includes but is not limited to outreach, praise, celebration, and acknowledgement of difficult situations. Our clients are our priority, and I am the face behind the screen ensuring all efforts are made to continually deliver excellence at Tundra. I also work in tandem with a fierce sales team to help further the success of our business.

How long have you worked at Tundra?

I joined Team Tundra back in 2012 and have been bleeding blue ever since.

What are 3 things I love?

I love Nicolas Cage, movies and eating things; nothing sparks joy better than a juicy burger and a good picture show. Naturally, friends, loved ones and my domestic short hair, Vinny, have a very special reservation in my heart.  

Where is your home-town, and where do you currently live?

I do not have a fun backstory that lead to my arrival here in Calgary, AB, as I was born, raised and live here presently.

What do you enjoy most about working at Tundra?

This is the easiest question I may ever have to answer – our culture. There is nothing more rewarding than loving the environment in which you work. I am quite the character (so I have been told) and within these walls, I am comfortable being myself #nofilter.

Do Aliens exist?

You darn-tootin’ aliens exist; I didn’t spend my formidable years watching The X-Files for nothing, this was 100% in prep for the acceptance of another lifeform from beyond. I must digress that I am convinced they are underground and or at the bottom of the ocean playing chess with megalodons – jokes on us for looking to the sky for answers!

If you were the last human on earth, what would you do?

Based off the phrasing of this question I think it is safe to assume that animals are still kicking about living their best lives, and in turn, I would join them.

  • Monkey Mondays – all varieties of this species and I would band together and have movie nights on Mondays. I imagine a large baboon and or orangutan would help safely nest me within a tall tree and from there we would watch movies on a giant screen crafted from Egyptian cotton bedsheets.
  • Turtle Tuesdays – I am not much of a swimmer and have a fear of the ocean, so I would spend my Tuesdays trying to conquer this fear with the help of my shelled friends.
  • Wombat Wednesday – I foresee a bowling league with my small marsupials pals every Wednesday night, accompanied by white Russians and baskets of chicken strips and well-done fries!
  • Toucan Thursdays – Thursdays nights are special; on Thursdays I would rally with the Toucan’s to eat cereal as we aim to discover which is the best in the world. Once we tailor it down, we would naturally need to find the best cereal combination – this is a commitment as there are endless possibilities to explore.
  • Fox-Trot Fridays – I may be alone, but having good rhythm is still important. Friday nights are always to be spent at a local community hall learning ballroom dancing. This is not specie specific, and therefore a grand assortment of critters and I will likely partake in this activity.
  • Sloth Saturday – The sloths and I will make crockpot soup every Saturday.
  • Sunday – day of rest, reflection, and re-runs of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

What is your guilty pleasure?

This is too easy to answer its almost frightening – in fact, I harbour no guilt for this addiction, so its almost criminal to label this as a guilty pleasure, however the answer is:  LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT. My commitment to these New York City detectives is 22 years strong.  I ooze with anticipation for Thursday nights when a new episode becomes available, but I am just as happy crushing random re-runs all day everyday. If you know me, and I have “nothing to do”, I am watching SVU.

*Sappy Side Note: My grandmother and I used to call one another during commercials; I will cherish those moments, always & forever*

What kind of cult would you be most likely to join?

I received this with a warning to keep it PG, so I am going to pretend the 60s were not a thing (I am kidding, sort of…). What an interesting question. Cults are appealing to me in the sense of conformity. I think being uniquely yourself is important, but as someone who was bullied in school, and used to wish uniforms would be announced at mine, it’s comforting to think of a spot of land reserved just for you and all the weirdos like you. My cult would be super rad, food forward and just a ton of fun. You know, the type of cult where you grow vegetables, have a mess hall, and get summoned to dinner via the sound of a triangle.

Thank you, Ashlee, for all that you do!