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    Energy Audits

    In order to meet a rising demand (primarily from the Oil & Gas industry), Tundra has developed an Energy Efficiencies Group (EEG). As the name suggests, the primary function of the EEG is to measure efficiencies of a plant's steam, air and condensate systems. Through focused technical expertise and measurement technology available exclusively to Tundra, we are able to provide analysis of a facility's heat transfer, condensate return, air supply system, and energy consumption. The aim of the EEG is to enhance plant integrity, reduce operating costs and improve process efficiency.

    Offering unparalleled expertise in steam trapping surveys, Tundra utilizes the TLV Trapmanager to test and diagnose the steam traps within your system. The TLV Trapmanager is the only system certified by Lloyd’s of London for its ability to provide accurate diagnosis of a steam trap's condition - QUANTIFYING actual steam loss through a trap. To-date, the Tundra EEG has uncovered millions of dollars in wasted steam in Alberta alone. Successes include reduction of lime pond temperatures by 25 degrees Celsius, boiler load reductions (i.e. 75% to 20%), in addition to the most obvious benefit of decreased fuel gas cost.

    Energy is one of the most easily controlled costs in your organization, and at Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. we want to help you manage these costs. As such, we have created a convenient information page on energy efficiency and payback calculations. Through energy-efficient measure related to your building, equipment and operational practices, you can often achieve savings of 20% or more!

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