May 15, 2017 - Tundra Process Solutions Now Represents Farris Engineering!


    Farris Engineering has been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves since the early 1940's. With over 70 years of proven performance, Farris has provided automatic and positive protection against overpressure situations in thousands of industrial plants and facilities around the globe! 
    Farris provides products and solutions serving many industries including, hydrocarbon processing, refinery, petrochemical, fossil and nuclear power generation, natural gas production and transmission, pharmaceutical, and general processing. 


    2600/2600L Series
    • Conforms to API 526
    • Integral Cast Flanges
    • Balanced Bellows option
    • Adjustable Blowdown
    • Full Nozzle Design

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    3800 Series
    • Conforms to API 526
    • Semi and Full Port Nozzle Design
    • Typical Blowdown of 3-6%

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    2700 Series
    • Metal Seat with optional o-ring
    • Balanced design option
    • Flanged option
    • Optional welding nipple and sanitary connections 

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    4200 Series
    • Flanged Spring Loaded Boiler Safety Valve
    • Full nozzle design
    • Open bonnet design
    • One piece guide
    • Low stem bearing point 

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    6400 Series
    • Flanged Spring Loaded Boiler Safety Valve
    • Available in closed bonnet or exposed spring versions
    • Hardened conical disc for extended seat life
    • Full nozzle design 

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    1890/1896M Series
    • Threaded Steel PRV
    • ASME/NB Certified – Air, Steam & Water
    • Full Bore Nozzle Design 

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